A Well Known Author Speaks to WSU Students and Faculty.

By, Olivia Levis 1/29/2014

Nationally known writer Michael E. Dyson speaks to WSU students and faculty for the Martin Luther King Community Celebration.

Dyson began his lecture by addressing Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech. He spoke about how Dr. King is a dead icon and influences racial issues today. He passionately discussed how Dr. King was seen as a dangerous person, and how he had to overcome many challenges in his career. Dyson said, “Maybe Dr. King was dangerous because he challenges modes and ideas about what it means to be an American.” He continued on throughout the lecture discussing political issues such as women’s rights, racism, stereotypes, and gun control. He added humorous parts to the lecture by rapping versus of Snoop Dogg and Biggie Smalls songs. The lecture was concluded by a series of questions asked by the audience. The questions were collected via Twitter by using the hashtag #WSUMLK14. “I think that it’s important he [Dyson] reminded people of Martin Luther King’s message,” Dr. Carl Jubran said. “The way Dyson reminded us, especially the students of race, class, and gender issues; I think that’s what resonated for me and the undergraduates as well.”

The Martin Luther King Celebration at WSU has taken place this month on campus. This celebration brings well known speakers and authors to WSU to speak to students and faculty about Dr. King and his career. The speakers bring up issues of diversity and racism to help inform and educate the WSU community about racial issues today. It brings attention to the students at WSU about different issues that surround them on campus. Dr. John K. Osiri believes that lectures and events like this are important because “they help students evaluate thought processes and criticize themselves, and help them achieve that essence of self criticism.”

Dyson is a nationally known writer and scholar. He is an American Book Award recipient, two-time NAACP Image Award winner, and has been named one of the 150 most powerful African Americans by Ebony magazine. Dyson has taught at many universities around the nation. He currently teaches sociology at Georgetown University.

 “This speech is very important to learn about how to advocate for my own community and learn about what a famous scholar has to say. It would be unfortunate if I wasn’t here to see Michael Eric Dyson, it’s such a privilege we have at WSU” Nahal Kaivan said.


Lead Exercise

1. One person dead and two injured in a shooting early Friday.


2. A shooting killed a twenty-one year old and hospitalized two other men.


3. Police responded to a shooting early Wednesday where they found one man dead and two injured.


3. Three young men were shot on Friday that resulted in one fatality.


4. Three gunshot victims were found this morning in Pullman at the scene of a shooting.

5. One man died and two others were injured, in a shooting this morning in Pullman. 

Pullman Shooting

A shooting results in one death and two injured people. Early this morning Pullman Police Officers responded to a call at the 2400 block S.E. 19th Avenue about a shooting. As the police arrived they found three men with gunshot wounds, and one pronounced dead on the scene.  Witnesses said the shooters drove away in a blue Honda Civic. “The shooter jumped into the car, and the driver gunned it. I got a good look at the shooter, but the driver was wearing a black mask,” neighbor Karen Potts said. The victim was identified as musician 21 year old Don J Connelly and the shooting is believed to be drug-related. The shooter is identified as a 5’11” 165 pound male with a butterfly tattoo on his left forearm. “This horrific shooting emphasizes the need for more cops on the street. We want this to stop,” Police Commander Frank Murray said. 

George Raveling Story

A spur of the moment volunteer job left a man with a copy of one of the most significant speeches in American history. About 50 years ago George Raveling stood next to the podium as Martin Luther King Jr. gave the infamous “I Have a Dream” speech. Raveling was able to stand in this spot because he was asked to volunteer and was in charge of security by the podium. Raveling said that he did not think that what he was doing at the time was historical, he was just volunteering. When describing the speech Raveling said “you looked down and saw a mass of humanity, a reflective pool, you couldn’t see the grass.”

Didion is describing how we make things we see or experiences we have into something that is relevant. I think that at the beginning of this essay she is trying to explain how a story can happen however since we are human and express curiosity we always wonder more “The naked woman on the ledge outside the window on the sixteenth floor is a victim of accidie, or the naked woman is an exhibitionist, and it would be “interesting” to know which,” we wonder about things that happen so we investigate more searching for more answers. She is explaining journalism and the drive that journalist have to want more out of something. She explains how in journalism, even in an entirely negative situation some kind of positive is always looked for even if it is minute compared to the actual event, and this is what is tragic about the entire thing. The positive part of the story becomes the main point.