Edit Your Peers

1. The group is currently preparing for their next production.

The group is preparing for its next production.

2. “Recent budgets cuts have not had an enormous effect on the program.” Said Smith.

Smith said, “Recent budgets cuts have not had an enormous affect on the program.” 

3. The band has been touring for 6 months.

The band has been touring for six months.

4. Arts and Programming Advisor for Student Involvement Angel Nava said participants can listen to the artists description of their sculptures.

Participants can listen to the artists’ description of their sculptures said arts and programming advisor for student involvement Angel Nava.

5. Students impressed by the speaker Dr. Elson Floyd.

Elson Floyd, the speaker, impressed students.

6. Over 150 people attended the festival on Tuesday February 25th at the CUB.

More than 150 people attended the festival on Tuesday, Feb. 25, at the Compton Union Building.

7. James Wilson a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communications teaches Advertising.

James Wilson, a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, teaches advertising.

8. He said “Its always great seeing such a wonderful turn out each week.”

 “It’s always great seeing such a wonderful turnout each week,” he said.

9. The festival is sponsored by the Pullman city council and is now in their third year of operation.

The festival, sponsored by the Pullman City Council is now in the third year of operation.

10. “I love meeting in this kind of environment, it is much better then inside a building”, she said

“I love meeting in this kind of environment. It is much better than inside a building,” she said. 


WSU offers a study abroad program in Spain

This summer Washington State University is offering a study abroad program in Spain. On Thursday February 13th the first informational meeting was held for students attending the program this upcoming summer. The program is offered to students who are in the process of their business degree. Students apply and are accepted to the program based off of certain criteria. When the students are accepted they are able to choose whether they want to attend the course track or the internship track. The course track begins on May 21. Students will fly into Aix-en-Provence in France and will spend five days there. The students will then travel to Barcelona and then on to Valencia where they will spend the majority of their trip. In Valencia students will stay in dorms and take courses that they will receive credit for at WSU. The students on the internship track do the opposite. They begin in Valencia and end in Aix-en-Provence. The students on the internship track not only take courses but they are also placed with a company as interns. The company is chosen based on what the student is interested in. Students work and go to class Monday through Thursday and then have the weekend off. On the weekends students are able to explore Valencia and the culture. One free weekend is set aside for students who would like to travel elsewhere in Europe. Students who have previously gone on this trip have traveled to Paris, London, and other amazing locations. For students who do not want to travel on their own have the option to go on a pre-planned trip to Morocco on that free weekend.

There is a large group of students going and they are very eager for the trip to begin. Business and Communication major Adriana Tejeda said “I am really excited to go to Spain. I have traveled abroad before but have never experienced the culture that Spain has to offer. I am counting down the days until we leave.” Adriana is a senior and is going on the internship track. Freshman Darby Mackenzie is also attending the internship track, she said “this is such an amazing experience; I could not pass it up. There is so much this program has to offer even though it is only 5 weeks!” This program has many benefits for students. It gives students internship experience and exposes them to a foreign culture. Dr. Osiri who is one of the advisers for the program said “The program helps students become globally aware and culturally sensitive. Moreover, research indicates that globally minded tend to be more entrepreneurial.”

Overall this meeting gave students a great idea of what they are to expect throughout their trip to Spain. They will continue to have meetings on Thursdays to give the students more information and get them even more excited to travel abroad.