Comma Splice Exercise

Comma splice? Yes or no. If it is a comma splice, fix the sentence.


1. “We just buy and sell real estate. It is what we do but the market doesn’t dictate the price,” she said. 


2. In 2007, the average income in Washington was $55,628. The average income for Whitman County was $36,438.


3. He entered the three-mile race yesterday morning. However he does not have any shoes.


4. “Take a little out of athletics, take a little from the library, and save the rest of the money,” Jones said. yes


5. Dan is using an emerging farm trend. He purchased a no-till tractor two years ago.


Punctuate and correct the following sentences.


6. Smith drove the car with the dented door down to the Sea of Cortez.


7. He left Pullman, Wash., late Friday night, which worried his father.


8. I am teaching the class this morning and you are messaging people on Facebook.


9. Being a member of a club that has more than 1,000 members, can be overwhelming.

10. Hoping to leave early for Thanksgiving, but Mary’s car broke down on State Street. yes


Story 3

Start of package:

Pullman Washington is home to Washington state university and about 25,000 college students. Recently, WSU’s President has enacted rules that will affect the Greek system this Fall. This change requires fraternities that want to house freshman to be alcohol-free. By doing this WSU hopes to diminish the amount of alcohol abuse on campus. These changes will go into effect starting at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester.

Cole: “So I would say over all I don’t really agree with the direction that or the changes that they are making in the Greek community I think it was fine the way it was. I remember my freshman year when we could have hard A at parties and they didn’t have the new rule or at least the one they are reenacting next year. If you are going to have freshman and have your house be dry I think you shouldn’t  have to choose because I think it was fine the way it was.”

There are many reactions throughout the student body regarding this change and will be a big change in Greek life as well as residence hall life.

Deanna: “I think that WSU does need to crack down on more alcohol issues but I don’t think that President Floyd should necessarily be going against some of the Greek community because they do, do a lot for WSU.”

Chanel: “What I think about the freshman not living in the frats isn’t necessary because freshman don’t get to experience what true bonding is between your frat brothers and drinking none the less there are still ways many people who aren’t in the Greek community drink and I feel like that is not the main issue that should be focused on in WSU and I feel like thank god we have such a great community that we stick together and realize this issue.”

WSU is waiting to see how these new rules will change the amount of alcohol abuse that occurs at the university, and hopes that this will turn out as something positive and helpful. The school hopes the changes made will promote responsible drinking as well as better grades. This is Olivia Levis reporting.

End of Package.